[ Monday, March 08, 2021 ]


On this date in 2002, I posted this item as the first post ever on HIPAAblog. True to my work, my blogging laziness has been unsurpassed.  Just how lazy a blogger am I?  I am too lazy to stop.  

That said, the next two months will mark the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first final version of the Privacy Rule.  The true original was published December 28, 2000, in the dying days of the Clinton administration, but was included in the set of regulations suspended for 90 days by the Bush administration.  The slightly revised regulations were published March 27, 2001, with an effective date of April 14, 2001 (but a 2-year enforcement moratorium until April 14, 2003).  So, March/April 2021 really mark the 20th anniversary of the Era of HIPAA.

So, in honor of my 19 years of blogging, and HIPAA's 20th birthday, over the next 2 months I plan a series of 20 long(ish) posts highlighting HIPAA's history, progress, and mutation, its successes and failures, and it's on-going relevance.  I haven't got all 20 posts in my head yet, so there might be some preditions, too (no promises, though).

So, keep checking in.  As I've said often on this blog, more to come.

Jeff [10:26 AM]

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