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I'm Jeff Drummond, and I'm an attorney in Dallas. Most of my clients are physicians and hospitals, and I work exclusively in the health law arena. I've been speaking a great deal recently to clients and others about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, known by its acronym HIPAA. I'm putting this blog together to serve as a convenient place to get information relating to HIPAA and to serve, hopefully, as a forum for medical record privacy issues.

A little disclaimer stuff: While I am an attorney, unless you've signed an engagement letter with me and given me a retainer, I'm not your attorney, and you're not entitled to rely on anything you read here as legal advice. Get a lawyer if you need it, and confirm anything you see here with your own legal counsel. As with much of health law, a lot of HIPAA is interpretation and shades of gray. This forum is geared more to the exchange of information and ideas, rather than legal opinions. Keep that in mind.

Now, this site will be under construction for a while. It'll probably be a few weeks before it really gets rolling. Frankly, I've got to figure out how Blogger works. So bear with me. K?

Jeff [12:16 PM]

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