[ Thursday, June 12, 2008 ]


Latest Personal Health Record News: USA Today reports on the plethora of companies offering electronic personal health records, either to their employees or to the public (and duly notes the medical record privacy concerns). Microsoft's HealthVault has gotten a lot of press lately, but just between you and me, I find HealthVault hard to use. Yes, I've signed up for the HealthVault Beta. It seems that if you've got a provider or someone with electronic records on you that wants to "push" records into your file, it may work fine. I don't; I just wanted to test-drive it and see if I could upload the medical information I want to it, so it'll be there. For the record, I take a statin and a blood pressure pill daily, but in both cases the specific drug is pretty interchangeable with other other drugs (e.g., Lovastatin vs Pravachol) so I don't remember which one I'm currently on, nor do I remember the dose levels. It would be nice if HealthVault had a medical history form like you get from a physician's office so you could add that stuff yourself. But I don't see it anywhere.

I'll keep tinkering with HealthVault and, if I get the chance, may try Google's offering as well, and will let you know my successes/failures.

Jeff [10:10 AM]

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