[ Tuesday, May 11, 2021 ]


Not Everyone Wants the Proposed HIPAA Revisions:  The AMA, AAMC, and others have taken advantage of the expanded comment period to question the timing and scope of the HIPAA revisions proposed at the end of the Trump Administration.  No need to rush into changes that might have unintended consequences.

I'm ambivalent.  The proposed changes surely aren't sweeping, and are more clarifying than expansive.  In my opinion, there's a bigger issue baked into the Anti-Data-Blocking Rule, which won't be impacted by changes to HIPAA.  We will see -- if I were to predict, I'd say that these won't happen any time soon; the Biden Administration seems to be pretty consistent to being reflexively opposed to anything done by the Trump Administration, whether reasonable or not.

Jeff [8:59 AM]

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