[ Friday, July 27, 2018 ]


Ever move and not be able to find things?  It can be frustrating.  Looks like misplaced paper records for the County Health Department, but it also looks like this would be pretty close to "low probability of compromise," since (i) it's unlikely anyone would steal 49 boxes of paper records and (ii) given the regular record destruction procedure, the most likely explanation is that they were destroyed early. 

It it was me, before I reported this, I'd sure want to know a little more about just how likely that alternative explanation might be.  If the answer is "we can't prove it but there's just no other likely explanation," I might come to the conclusion that it's not a reportable breach; however, I'd probably report it to the individuals anyway and offer them ID theft protection, just to be on the safe side.  But that's just me.

Jeff [11:45 AM]

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