[ Thursday, May 17, 2018 ]


Victims Sharing HIPAA Fines: At long last, it looks like HHS is finally getting around to drafting the regulations for victims of HIPAA violations to get a share of the fines levied against them.  This concept was first floated in the HITECH Act in 2009, as one of several changes intended to spur enforcement by giving affected breach victims more incentive to pursue covered entities that violated HIPAA: it's sort of like a whistleblower or Qui Tam statute for HIPAA.  However, given that OCR has gotten to keep all the fines so far, it's understandable that they wouldn't rush to start handing out that money to affected individuals.

I'll let you know when they actually write something; for right now, they're looking for comments.  If you think you know how OCR should share their fines, feel free to provide a comment.

Jeff [12:36 PM]

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