[ Sunday, May 20, 2018 ]


Off Topic: This is too bad.  While it bodes ill for "the academy" generally, this is just the type of thing I ask my students to consider: the other side of policy issues.  No sane person has a strongly held belief that they also know is wrong.  If someone has a strongly held belief that is different from yours, you should at least try to understand why they have that belief.  Unless you do so, you'll never be able to have a fruitful discussion with them.  And you'll never convince someone they are wrong unless you understand why they think what they think. 

This is exactly the way I try to teach my policy students, because if you want to understand public policy, much less try to impact or enact it, you need to understand all sides of the issue. 

The Trump election gave me the opportunity to have my first class look at why the country is so divided; I think it was good for them, because I think many simply never tried to look at why the other side might feel differently than they do.   And the feedback I got from them seemed to indicate that it worked.  

Jeff [10:42 AM]

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