[ Thursday, April 12, 2018 ]


Insiders Cause Most Health Industry Breaches: Not really surprising, but most data breaches in the health industry are cause by insiders.  That's not surprising, given the highly labor-intensive nature of healthcare, the presence of so many low-wage employees (who might be more likely to either intentionally (theft) or unintentionally (accident) cause a breach), and the fact that sensitive identifiable data is involved in every aspect of the business.  

I don't agree with the headline's premise, that healthcare is worse than anyone else at preventing insider actions; that assumes that the number of healthcare data breaches is comparatively high compared with other industries.  Rather, I think the number of breaches is comparatively low, but it's just that the percentage of the (lower number of) breaches attributable to insiders appears high due to the low denominator.

Jeff [3:05 PM]

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