[ Thursday, January 04, 2018 ]


EHR News: eClinicalWorks sued again: Another class action lawsuit has been filed against EMR provider eClinicalWorks.  This suit claims that eClinicalWork's EMR system fails to meet the requirements for "meaningful use."  CMS pays providers such as medical practices and hospitals financial benefits if they adopt and implement electronic medical records and other technology in such a manner that the provider becomes a "meaningful user" of electronic medical record technology.  The providers must attest to CMS that they have done the things necessary to meet the "meaningful use" standards.  In this case, the providers claim that eClinicalWorks does not provide all of the necessary services to meet the "meaningful use" standard.  eClinicalWorks paid a $155 million fine last year when the Department of Justice sued directly for its EMR shortcomings.

The earlier class action lawsuit claims that eClinicalWorks' EMR failed to accurately portray a patient's medical record, and the patient died because of the EMR's failure.

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