[ Monday, August 14, 2017 ]


Women's Health Care (PA): A large Philadelphia-area ob/gyn practice has notified 300,000 patients of a potential data breach.  Not much news on what happened, but it was apparently a hack that penetrated the group's computer system; they don't know for sure if information was actually viewed or extracted, but the information subject to potential breach did include social security numbers (bur apparently not much medical information).  The report mentions backups, which makes me think this was probably a ransomware incident.  The breach started in January 2017 but wasn't discovered until May 2017, but notifications didn't go out until July 2017 (interestingly, in March the group merged with a NJ group to become the largest ob/gyn group in the country, now known as Axia Women's Health.

Jeff [10:24 AM]

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