[ Wednesday, April 26, 2017 ]


Maine Psychiatric Center: Sorry, I've been busy recently and haven't had the chance to blog about this; still don't, really, but need to get something out there.  Thanks to @DissentDoe for taking the lead on this (if you're on Twitter, read me and don't read her, you're missing out).

When it comes to HIPAA data breaches and the "what's the worst thing that can happen" standard, this is probably it: hackers attacked and sold on the dark web the personal information of 4,000 patients at Behavioral Health Center in Maine.

If you deal with PHI, you're legally and morally obligated to protect that data, no matter how trivial.  Particularly sensitive data doesn't get stricter treatment under the law, but it should under any moral decision-making process.

Please do a risk analysis.  That's the lesson from the last few weeks of breaches and settlements.  Do it.

Jeff [10:00 AM]

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