[ Friday, April 07, 2017 ]


Has Health IT's Rapid Growth Rendered HIPAA Obsolete?  Of course not.  HIPAA is, at its root, conceptual; no new healthcare delivery systems, and certainly no change in technology,  can surplant the basic concepts of HIPAA: health data is only worthwhile if it is used, but it is also private and deserves privacy and security; health data should not be used or disclosed except for proper purposes; even though proper uses and disclosures are permitted, individuals retain all other rights in their own health data; and parties that rightfully have access to or possession of health data have certain responsibilities to establish structural safeguards to prevent improper uses and disclosures.

Specific uses, specific rights, and specific safeguards may change, but those fundamentals remain, and the beauty of HIPAA is that its current structure, with scalability and technological and operational neutrality baked in, need not change to accommodate those changes. 

Jeff [12:52 PM]

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