[ Wednesday, February 22, 2017 ]


2 Healthcare Data Breaches up 40%, Affect 25% of Consumers: According to the Identity Theft Research Center, Healthcare represents one third of all data breaches, and the number of reported breaches has risen from 780 in 2015 to 1093 last year.  Hacking, physical theft of data, and employee error have been leading causes, but expect phishing to be the next big winner.

 Meanwhile, an Accenture survey shows that healthcare consumers have a one in four chance of having their health information stolen and becoming a victim of identity theft.  Only a third of victims were notified by the healthcare entity that suffered the breach (hospitals lead the list, followed by urgent care centers, pharmacies, physician offices and insurers); half of victims found out themselves by looking at their credit reports, and the remainder were notified by a governmental agency.

Jeff [12:20 PM]

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