[ Monday, June 06, 2016 ]


(wrote this back in April, don't know why it didn't post): NY Med HIPAA Fine: NY Med was a reality TV show filmed in NY hospitals.  It's relatively famous because NY Presbyterian Hospital and ABC are being sued by the family of a man who was hit by a garbage truck and was dying in the hospital; the film crew filmed his plight, without his authorization.  The show pixilated the man's face and included no identifying information, but some family members were able to determine that it was him, and they're now suing the hospital and ABC.  It's unlikely that anyone would have been able to determine who the dying man was if not for his family's publicizing the case by filing suit.  I believe that ABC has been released from the suit, but the suit goes on against the hospital.

OCR has now fined NY Presbyterian 2.2 million dollars for this case and for a similar issue involving another individual.  

Jeff [11:30 AM]

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