[ Monday, June 06, 2016 ]


ProMedica Michigan breaches: Two hospitals in Michigan operated by ProMedica are under investigation by HHS for breaches apparently involving employee snooping.  Seven employees were involved; 3 were fired, the other 4 disciplined.  About 3500 patients were impacted.  None of the files were printed, which makes large-scale identity theft less likely (of course they could've been saved to a flash drive, but I'm assuming they ruled that out too).  That makes it more likely to either be pure nosy snooping (although the number is pretty high -- can't imagine that each snooper would know 500 people in the hospital), improperly-restrained curiosity, or some less-nefarious intend, such as wanting to see if hospital policies are being applied evenly.

Jeff [10:57 AM]

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