[ Friday, February 05, 2016 ]


Lincare (home health agency) loses: Rarely do entities fined by OCR challenge their fines, but when they do, it's an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who decides the case.  Lincare was fined by OCR when an employee took home patient records and, when she left the home in the process of leaving her husband, she left the records behind.  Lincare claimed the husband stole the documents in an attempt to get his wife to come back.  OCR fined them.

Key element: "Lincare took a blase approach to HIPAA compliance," and apparently to their response to OCR.

Lincare appealed, but the fine was upheld.  Unsurprisingly.

UPDATE: Here's a cute headline c/o Mintz Levin

Jeff [7:02 PM]

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