[ Tuesday, January 05, 2016 ]


California HIPAA enforcement is inconsistent: ProPublica is all over the HIPAA beat these days.  In yesterday's installment, they note that investigations and penalties for HIPAA breaches can vary widely, with some hospitals seeming to attract much harsher penalties while others receive more leniency.

Enforcing HIPAA isn't science, and I would actually expect there to be disparate penalties, because each case is different.  The troubled entity might be the victim of bad luck or outside forces, the entity might be underfunded and thus unable to do as much to prevent problems as its rivals, or one entity might be working hard to fix problems while another seems not to care about correcting deficiencies.  However, it is good to look at these disparities and see if they tell a different story, or if the reasons for the disparity aren't so innocent but are indicative of official favoritism.

Jeff [4:26 PM]

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