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Jason Pierre-Paul: If you follow sports you probably know that a couple of NFL players lost fingers due to fireworks accidents over the 4th of July weekend.  But Adam Schefter, an ESPN reporter, just tweeted a screen shot of Jason Pierre-Paul's medical record showing that his right index finger was amputated.  How did the ESPN reporter get the medical records?

NFL players have less medical record privacy than other folks due to their collective bargaining agreement and their individual contracts.  In fact, part of the NFL's rules require teams to post "injury reports" every week during the season, which obviously contain medical information.  The teams aren't HIPAA covered entities (nor, obviously, is ESPN), but team trainers may be (especially if they are doctors), and facilities where players are treated are.  So while they might have to give up some privacy, that's limited.  When Peyton Manning injured his neck and missed time playing for the Indianapolis Colts (which led to his release and move to Denver), he said, "I don't know what HIPAA stands for, but I believe in it and I practice it."

So, how did Adam Schefter get the records?

Jeff [3:32 PM]

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