[ Wednesday, April 15, 2015 ]


More on Medical Identity Theft: certainly getting a lot of attention these days.

UPDATE: I've got to say that's a little misleading.  "Nearly 60% were the result of theft" makes is sound like there were 600 breaches affecting about 20 million people, where the data was stolen for nefarious purposes.  But that ain't true in the least.  Yes, that many people had their data impacted by a theft, but the theft was not a theft of the data -- it was a theft of a laptop or flash drive or cell phone or some other piece of technology that could be sold (the equipment, not the data) for a profit.  In virtually all of those cases, the thief had zero interest in the data.  Those are "crackhead" cases, and in virtually all of those, the thief deleted or destroyed the data at the first opportunity.  Theft, yes; theft of the data, not really.

Jeff [11:55 PM]

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