[ Friday, February 13, 2015 ]


One More Anthem Thought: What if the hackers were really looking for a needle, not the haystack?  What if they weren't after tens of millions of medical identities to conduct identity theft or something else, but were really looking for specific information on a handful of specific individuals, and only accessed the huge amount of data to cover their tracks?  If it really was a hack by Chinese nationals operating under the guise of the Chinese government, wouldn't that make more sense?

I'm not saying I believe it was the Chinese government, any more than I believe the Sony hack was the North Korean government.  Or, if actually were, I'm not buying that the Norks were so torked about a Seth Rogan film they'd waste their resources hacking Sony.  I'm betting if it was them, they were looking for something else, perhaps something they could use to extort someone. 

I'm not paraniod.  Really.

Jeff [12:27 PM]

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