[ Wednesday, May 21, 2014 ]


Social Media Tips: Any casual observer of HIPAA issues knows that social media poses a special risk to healthcare providers.  As a business, you want to have a good social media presence (Facebook page, maybe a Twitter feed) that promotes your business; the fact that you happen to be a healthcare provider doesn't change the business need, but does require special precautions to ensure that you don't inadvertently disclose PHI or violate HIPAA. 

Here's a good, generalized list of social media tips for any business.  In addition, HIPAA covered entities should also, at a minimum, have social media rules built into their policies and procedures, have regular and intensive training on the risks and do's/don't's of social media use, actively manage any social media projects and programs, and quickly respond to any complaints or concerns.

Jeff [11:40 AM]

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