[ Monday, May 12, 2014 ]


SAMHSA Seeking Input: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is looking for public input regarding the protection of alcohol and substance abuse treatment records.  Affectionately knows and the "Part 2 Rules," part 2 of 42 CFR (as opposed to part 160 and 164 of 45 CFR, where the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules are) imposes brutally strict nondisclosure rules on federally-supported substance abuse treatment facilities. 

42 CFR disclosures are much more limited than 45 CFR disclosures.  However, with more integrated care (including HIEs and ACOs), it's becoming harder and harder for substance abuse facilities to comply with the strict Part 2 requirements, while also providing coordinated, quality care.  SAMHSA is looking for public comment on how to keep appropriate protections while allowing appropriate data sharing.

More information here.

Jeff [4:27 PM]

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