[ Friday, January 17, 2014 ]


New Mexico Forced Colonoscopy case: I was quoted in Theresa Defino's AIS story on this case, where a man in New Mexico was arrested on drug charges because a drug dog sniffed his car seat.  The cops figured the man had secretly hidden drugs in his, er, butt.  The cops got a search warrant (but for a different county), and took the man to a hospital in the next county (the local hospital refused to cooperate), where they got the hospital and a couple of doctors to help take X-rays, give the man an enema, and finally a colonoscopy.  Turns out he had no drugs, and he sued the cops for civil rights violations, as well as the hospital and the doctors for medical battery and HIPAA violations. 

The city and county have settled for $1.6 million.  Good.  The case against the hospital and the doctors goes on. 

UPDATE: more quotage here.

Jeff [12:29 PM]

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