[ Friday, November 01, 2013 ]


The "Hide Rule" gets some attention: Modern Healthcare (subscription required) has an article on presentations made at AHIMA relating to the "hide rule," which allows a patient to prohibit a provider from giving information to an insurer or other payor if the patient pays in full "out of pocket."  It's easy to just not send the data at the time of service since the patient paid, but many EMRs don't allow a provider to appropriately tag the data so it doesn't get out to a payor at some later date.  That makes things  hard to comply with, a situation that HHS knows about but can't do anything about (since the "hide rule" is hardwired into the statute [HITECH], HHS can't just waive it away in the regulations -- hey, wait a minute, this administration does that all the time . . . .).

Jeff [11:07 AM]

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