[ Thursday, November 21, 2013 ]


De-Identification Certification Experts: If you know of any, please email me.

HIPAA states that PHI is no longer PHI if it is de-identified according to HIPAA.  There are 2 ways to de-identify: strip out 18 specific identifiers (the "safe harbor"), or get an Expert Opinion (the "expert certification").  It's hard to get usable information if you strip out all of the 18 items, since you have to strip out any dates other than years, and a lot of times you need to know the time between treatments, for example, or the time from diagnosis to treatment.  So, often you need to go the other route and get an expert certification.  I've gotten a few and know the names of some folks who are acknowledged experts, but my list is really short, and I'd like to expand it.  Let me know if you have someone you'd recommend.

Jeff [11:28 AM]

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