[ Tuesday, July 09, 2013 ]


Update on Adventist/Sunbelt HIPAA breach class action lawsuit: I previously posted on a the filing of a class action lawsuit against Florida Hospital-Celebration due to a HIPAA breach caused by rogue employees stealing patient data.  Now, a Federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit.  The article doesn't indicate it, but the Federal judge indicated that, while Federal HIPAA rules determine the standard of conduct, it really is only a state law claim being made, so it doesn't belong in Federal court.  The plaintiff's counsel's comment is interesting, because he doesn't mention re-filing the case in state court.  That's where I'd expect this case to end up.

UPDATE: According to Dissent Doe, the case HAS been re-filed in State court.  The lawyer's quote sounded like a surrender line.

Jeff [11:38 AM]

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