[ Thursday, June 06, 2013 ]


Moore, OK Learns from Joplin, MO: Moore Medical Center, which was greatly damaged by a tornado last week, didn't lose its medical records.  That's because they were electronic, with remote site backup.  And that's exactly why St. John's Mercy Medical Center in Joplin was able to continue providing services to patients minutes after it was mostly destroyed by a tornado in 2011.  One of the goals of the HIPAA security safeguards (administrative, physical and technical) is to ensure "availability" of PHI.  Your risk analysis should consider possible threats to the availability of your PHI, whether you are in the central states (tornado alley), Gulf or Atlantic coasts (hurricanes), west coast (earthquakes, wildfires), or anywhere else (floods, plagues of locusts).

Jeff [10:35 AM]

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