[ Friday, April 12, 2013 ]


Social Media Issues: If you were at my Texas Medical Association presentation yesterday or the day before in Houston (or in preceding weeks across the state), you heard me make the point about risks of emailing with patients (and the greater risk of texting with them).  As with social media, providers must be particularly careful in dealing with patients electronically.  The American College of Physician and the Federation of State Medical Boards have published guidelines recognizing the benefits of electronic communication with patients (directly or through social media), but also pointing out the risks, which are great.

Don't do it if you haven't done a risk analysis that considers what could go wrong.  And if you haven't done a risk analysis in a while (or ever -- and you people know who you are), you really better do one.  Email me if you want some help on where to start.

UPDATE: more on the same from HCPro.

Jeff [4:14 PM]

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