[ Wednesday, June 13, 2012 ]


Interesting "news flash" (and a hat tip to Alan Goldberg): Back in the early days of HIPAA, some small providers decided to avoid HIPAA compliance entirely be not undertaking any "HIPAA transactions" in electronic format. Even back in 2003, most providers had to take electronic Medicare and Medicaid payments, but small providers (single-member practices, mainly) could still operate on paper. Apparently, according to this "news flash" from CMS, "Section 1104 of the Affordable Care Act further expands Section 1862(a) of the Social Security Act by mandating federal payments to providers and suppliers only by electronic means." Of course, if all of Obamacare is overturned entirely, this won't be there, but I'd expect it to become the rule eventually. That should effectively put all providers (at least all that take government-pay patients) under the umbrella of HIPAA.

Jeff [12:59 PM]

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