[ Monday, January 23, 2012 ]


HIPAA-compliant authorizations in electronic format: I received the following from one of the outreach folks as HHS:


In April 2012 individuals applying for Social Security
disability benefits online will be able to sign the “Authorization to Disclose
Information to the Social Security Administration” (Form SSA-827)
electronically. As a result, your readers may begin receiving some of these
electronically signed authorizations from Social Security on behalf of their
patients or clients.

Help us give your readers a valuable heads up about eAuthorization.
Your readers look to you for guidance on issues important to them. In my last
email to you, I inquired about including an article in your eNewsletter or
posting information on your website, as an effective way to communicate
eAuthorization. By receiving information in advance of the April 2012 launch,
your readers will be well informed and will have the opportunity to prepare.

We have included an article with information about eAuthorization to
include in your various publications. Please let us know if you thought this
information was helpful and how you shared this information with your readers.
We welcome all ideas and will work with you to get information formatted to meet
you organizations needs.

Thank you again for your assistance with this.

So starting in April, keep your eyes out for electronically-signed HIPAA-compliant (allegedly) authorizations from the Social Security Administration for folks seeking SS benefits. More information here.

Jeff [5:42 PM]

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