[ Wednesday, December 28, 2011 ]


5010 News: MGMA is asking for more time for transition to 5010. The deadline in January 1, 2012, and was there for a couple of years. HHS has already pushed back a 3-month grace period, and now MGMA wants 6. I'm not technical enough to know why this is such a problem, but can't folks just get this switched over? Then again, how important can it be to make the switch? What advantages does 5010 have over 4010?

Hmm, what if HHS published an interim final rule, effective in 90 days, to include practice management software vendors who have a billing component into the definition of "clearinghouse"? The article states that vendors and clearinghouses are not covered by HIPAA. Au contraire; clearinghouses are (and should be, for just this reason), but vendors aren't. If vendors are the problem getting to 5010, put the onus on them and make them liable to the Feds for any failure to get to 5010, and I bet that would cure the delay.

Jeff [10:32 AM]

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