[ Monday, November 07, 2011 ]


Baltimore X-Ray Theft: As a further data point on my "unified crackhead" theory of healthcare data breaches, someone stole thousands of x-ray films from a Baltimore hospital. Were they preying on the sensitive nature of the data as health-related? No. They weren't even after the identifying information that could be used for identity theft, much less medical identity theft. As with 99% of all hardware or "property" data losses due to the malfeasance of a third party (thefts of hard drives, computers, etc.), the goal was pure theft of a resellable asset. In this case, it's not the silvery images on the film, it's the silver in the film. Of course, that would destroy the PHI (and "secure" it for HIPAA/HITECH purposes), once the extraction procedure is done.

If you're looking for an explanation of a hardware/property data loss, the answer is almost always that the data is on its way to destruction, because the incident is purely a theft of the property, and if anything, the data is a hinderance to the crackhead thief.

Jeff [9:22 AM]

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