[ Thursday, September 15, 2011 ]


HIPAA Criminal Guilty Plea: This is an interesting one. A guy pretends to be a doctor. He approaches a bunch of other doctors, and gets the other doctors to hire him to be an allergist for them, giving patients allergy shots at the doctor's office and at health fairs. Fake doc turns over all his receipts to the employing doc, except he keeps between half and 85% as his compensation. For the employing docs, it's good money for hiring this guy to work for them, except for the fact that he's not a real doctor.

So where's the HIPAA violation Fake Doc admits? He kept a spreadsheet showing how profitable his business is, and shows it to a potential investor. That's the HIPAA violation. If he were legit, the exposure to the investor might not be a violation, assuming the minimum necessary rules are met and the disclosure was a "healthcare operation" related to legitimate due diligence.

Jeff [12:19 PM]

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