[ Monday, April 11, 2011 ]


5010 News: This is mostly a HIPAA Privacy and Security blog, but occasionally there's news on other HIPAA fronts. If you're not aware, the third leg of the "administrative simplification" provisions of HIPAA relates to transactions and code sets -- the standardization of electronic data interchange in healthcare. Those transaction and code sets, known by the codification "4010," have been in place since the beginning of HIPAA. But they are being updated, with new transaction and code sets known as 5010. These must be in use by January 1, 2012, so covered entities (or more likely their billing companies and/or clearinghouses) should be migrating to the 5010 standards. But it appears that there aren't that many people focusing on the transition. What with ACOs and the economy and everything else (and this war and that damned SOB Johnson), there are lots of other distractions.

Jeff [10:41 AM]

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