[ Wednesday, January 05, 2011 ]


Top Trends for Health Information Privacy: The InfomationWeek offshoot "Dark Reading" contacted some health information privacy folks to get their preditions for the near future. As you might expect, they expect some bad things to happen.

Here's their "top 7 trends." I tend to agree with a few (especially #2 and #7), but think a few are overwrought (#5 and #6, for example). The folks they asked tend to have a little "Jeremiah" in them, so take the gloom-and-doom with a grain of salt. But I definitely think that more attention, rather than less, will fall on the health information privacy and security sector. If you are a covered entity or business associate and you deal with PHI, and if you've been coasting since '03 on your privacy policies (just to give an example), you ought to start paying attention. Security and privacy failures will soon subject negligent or inattentive players to some serious financial liabilities. Now would be a good time to prepare and do a little low-cost risk management.

Jeff [2:44 PM]

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