[ Monday, January 10, 2011 ]


Rowan Regional Medical Center, North Carolina: this hospital was investigated by OCR for a potential HIPAA violation. OCR did not find a violation, but the hospital has required the personnel involved to undergo more HIPAA training. The individual is going to sue the hospital, and the personnel, apparently. Stay tuned.

Jeff [11:35 AM]

Interesting development regarding this case. The OCR has reopened the investigation. Sounds like Rowan Regional Medical is not going to have the get of jail free pass. I wonder if the employee's have had their corrective training or turned their resignations.
I had actually heard that from Teresa Defino, but haven't had the chance to post on it. I read the complaint in the case, but can't really tell what, exactly, the employees did. It will be interesting to see how it all breaks down.
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