[ Wednesday, January 05, 2011 ]


Reportable Data Breaches: How many big HIPAA breaches have there been? As of today, 217 separate breaches of data involving over 500 individuals have been reported to HHS, involving over 6.3 million individuals. There might be some overlap there, but I'd suspect well over 6 million individuals have had their PHI breached in the 15 months. Over half are the loss or theft of some computer device or media, and half of those are lost/stolen laptops.

All of those cases involved unencrypted information on those laptops and computer devices. If that information had been encrypted, there would have been no need to make a report.

In other words, the total number of breaches on the list would have been reduced by more than half if everyone encrypted. Something to think about.

Jeff [6:23 PM]

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