[ Thursday, October 07, 2010 ]


Electronic Medical Records and Privacy Are In Conflict. CNN figures out what I've been saying all along -- there's a dynamic tension between exchange of health information and privacy, and encouraging one disparages the other. The usual suspect appear.

Jeff [11:16 AM]

I think we can do this if we adhere to the security standards outlined by NIST. Some basic security "best practices" put in place by small businesses like health care professionals or any other data holder can both enable information availability and protect patient privacy. These security standards mitigate risks associated with everything from exposed paper records, to lost USB sticks and other mobile devices. Whether it is financial servers, health data, or corporate "secrets" the same information security steps cover it all. www.swicetech.com has a small widget in the bottom left corner that links some of my comments on these very issues. A second tab links to the famous "dataloss database" (.org, i think). This database is chock full (unfortunately) of almost daily privacy "spills"-- a great site that is scary but informative.
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