[ Friday, July 09, 2010 ]


Off Topic: over a nice meal of grilled pork chops (yes, it's raining, but you can grill with an umbrella just fine -- in fact, you get to revisit the meal the next couple of times you open up the umbrella), herb rolls and a Greek salad, I've been enjoying this:

It's the Sierra Nevada "Estate" beer, a nutty, malty ale produced from barley and hops grown on the Sierra Nevada brewery property in Chico, California. I highly recommend it. It's a beautiful amber-brown, relatively lightly hopped, with nice grain sweetness that almost lend a thick, granularity to the tongue. Malty like a Fat Tire, but not as cloying, it clears off the palate quickly, leaving a true grain taste behind. Nice.

Jeff [7:35 PM]

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