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Social Media Risks: I'm gearing up for my speech in Chicago next week, so I'm thinking about social media issues. I just came across this whitepaper on the top five risks to business pursuing a social media strategy, from the IT pro group ISACA. Their basic premise: social networking is here to stay and is a necessary part of business; you can't stop your employees from Facebooking and Twittering, but you can control and manage them; it's much better to approach it from the aspect of managing, controlling and directing, than trying to block or supress. The top five: viruses/malware, records management control, content control, brand hijacking, and managing consumer expectations. The first five have obvious HIPAA implications, particularly records management. At any rate, if you've got any social media marketing presence, you need to integrate your HIPAA policies and procedures into it and make sure they all jibe.

Jeff [8:56 AM]

Social media apps can be utilized to further inovation and productivity.
Palo Alto Networks has come up with three new whitepapers that allow businesses - & more specifically, IT departments to safely enable the use of Enterprise 2.0 apps like Twitter, Facebook and SharePoint.
Check it out:

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