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Miami Record Theft Case: Wow. The Federal judge hearing the plea bargain of a couple accused of stealing medical records and selling them to plaintiff's lawyers, who then contacted the individuals about becoming clients and collected big contingency fees, has declined initially to accept their plea bargains, because the jail time isn't long enough. The 62-year-old husband got 12 years, and his 52-year-old wife got 5 years. The judge needs to hear more information on the husband's case to decide whether to accept his plea; but she simply rejected the plea from the wife, saying she must now go to trial in the case.

So, just so you know, 12 years in jail for a 62-year-old man isn't enough if it's a HIPAA violation. Something to keep in mind. . . .

Jeff [12:25 PM]

Medical HIT is extremely vulnerable to cyber attack and crime as is most of our country's other IT infrastructure (CYBERWAR by Richard Clarke).

How to safely collect, store and process EHRs is a critical topic for discussion and I like to read blogs like yours that focus time and resources on the subject.

It is increasingly accepted that ontologies are valuable for data mapping that correlates data from disparate sources. Data disparity is endemic to EMR/EHR due to different systems storing the same data differently.

Finding a company that understands and uses ontologies is not easy. I am aware of a company that has made a significant break-thru with respect to ontological engineering and disease control that is worth note.

It's a small privately held SaaS development company based in Colorado that has developed and deployed an ontologically-based, GIS integrated disease management decision support system in Africa to fight malaria. This is a significant system that was funded by the global combatants of this disease and the system can be rapidly customized for deployment to other disease environments…especially if you are talking about vector-borne disease. The company, TerraFrame

TerraFrame is interested in leveraging its technology to fight global diseases or other problems requiring better decision support systems and is happy to entertain creative conversations to that effect.

For more information please contact Ray Hutchins at rh@terraframe.co
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