[ Saturday, October 31, 2009 ]


Red Flags Update: I didn't see this until this morning, but knew it was coming. Sunday is November 1, the date the much-delayed Red Flags Rule would become enforceable against "creditors" (financial institutions, which obviously ought to implement identity theft prevention programs, have been under the Red Flags Rule for about a year). And when the eve of enforcement rolls around, FTC punts. Which they did yesterday, delaying enforcement all the way to June 1, 2010. This time the delay was requested by members of Congress: the House has already passed, 400-0, legislation removing professional practices with fewer than 20 employees and certain other businesses that meet certain characteristics indicative of a low risk of ID theft, but the Senate has not moved a bill yet.

Coincidently, this happened the same day that a Federal Judge ruled that the FTC cannot enforce the Red Flags Rule against attorneys.

Jeff [9:44 AM]

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