[ Thursday, July 16, 2009 ]


California Snoopin' results in $187,500 fine. I think this is the Octomom case.

Hat tip: Clark Stanton

UPDATE: Same hospital, different breach. They paid $250,000 for the Octomom snooping, but there were some other snooping incidents at about the same time, which were part of a different investigation.

UPDATE AGAIN: Kaiser Permanante may appeal this fine. This case has been the buzz on the AHLA HIT list, since it seems that KP had policies and procedures in place, employees violated those procedures, KP did its own enforcement, found the violations/violators, and turned itself in to the Cali authorities. Is this the way you treat someone who self-reports, when they had good policies and good enforcement, and it was rogue employees violating those policies who did the bad deeds? It's a pretty big deterrent to self-reporting if you punish non-wrongdoers like this.

Jeff [4:27 PM]

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