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Offshore Transcription: This shouldn't surprise anyone, but much medical transcription is done overseas. Obviously, there are HIPAA issues. And there is some "scare language" in the article ("Asian transcriptionists often strain to understand what American doctors have dictated. . . "), but even the exemplar in the article is a medical school graduate; what kind of talent are you going to find here in the US of A who will work for that wage? Surely not a medical school graduate, probably not a college graduate, hopefully a high school graduate, but maybe not even that. Think they'd strain to understand what an American doctor dictated (especially if the American doctor is, like many are, foreign-born)?

I just don't have a big problem with this. I couldn't care less if Dinah Barrete knows my deepest, darkest medical secret. I may not want other people in my office to know, but I don't really care if somebody who doesn't know me and never will, who I've never met and never will, knows that stuff.

Obviously, there needs to be tight security for ID theft; if I were a cyberhacker trying to steal identities, that might look like a rich vein. BUT, if little identifying data is going over the overseas cables, and it's mainly medical info (I assume there's no account or financial information going over the lines), the risk is pretty small.

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