[ Monday, March 02, 2009 ]


(OT) Billing Software: Looking for a flexible, low cost billing software? You may want to check out MPMSoft (link at the left, too).

Jeff [3:47 PM]

We use MPMsoft, and know of several other medical coders
that use it too. Pricing is affordable as mentioned above, but more importantly
the software support is excellent and everyone of the staff we’ve dealt with
are qualified medical billing specialist; this makes a huge difference when
working on a claim error or a clearinghouse issue that only an experienced
medical biller would understand. Their article on medical billing clearinghouses
helped me select a good clearinghouse and I was able to understand just what a
clearinghouse is and why they exist. All in all, I recommend this product.
Here's the link to the article on selecting a HIPAA compliant medical clearinghouse
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