[ Thursday, February 26, 2009 ]


State Data Breach Notification Laws: I've been trying to get my hands around the new PHI data breach notification requirements of the ARRA (the Stimulus Bill), and been talking to a lot of folks about it. One constant question is how this data breach notification statute will interact with the various state statutes. Of course, it's handy to know what the state laws are. Here's a handy website that provides just that.

Hat Tip: Theresa Defino at AIS.

Jeff [5:16 PM]

Earlier this week I presented a quick overview of the new privacy rule changes and breach notification requirements under the HITECH section of ARRA. Still a lot of questions and much will be decided when the regulations roll out.

Here is a link to my presentation at the World Health Care Congress on Consumer Connectivity.


The first graphic on the presentation is a Wordle cloud map of the HITECH words in the ARRA.
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