[ Wednesday, December 24, 2008 ]


Colorado cross-entity electronic PHI file-sharing: Kaiser Permanente and the ER departments at Children's Hospital, Denver Health and Hospital Authority, and UC Hospital, working with the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CoRHIO), will share access to lab results, medication history, EKG and imaging studies, and other medical records on 1.4 million Denver-area residents. Patients are given the opportunity to opt out, either from Kaiser or when they present to the hospital ER. But assuming they participate, it will allow the hospital ER to look at the records and get a better understanding of the patient's true medical condition before deciding on a care plan. Makes good sense. Of course there are potential privacy and security issues, but allowing an opt-out should satisfy most objectors.

Via BNA, so subscription may be required.

Jeff [11:15 AM]

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