[ Tuesday, July 29, 2008 ]


Data Breach in Georgia: Apparently, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia didn't test out a change in their computer system, and somehow addresses on EOBs got mismatched. The result was about 200,000 Explanation Of Benefit letters were sent to the wrong addresses. The letters contain patient names and ID numbers, as well as information about the patient's doctor and procedures performed. In some cases, the EOBs also contained social security numbers.

Given that the letters were sent to the wrong addresses, not all sent to one address or otherwise stolen by an outside source, I suppose the risk of ID theft or other damage is pretty slight.

Jeff [10:56 AM]

can you post questions on this blog?
Of course you can. You can also email me directly and I'll do my best to answer, if it's relevant and appropriate. It will just be general information and not legal advice, since I won't have all the facts, and I'm not your lawyer; you;ll have to get your own legal advice, if that's what you need.
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