[ Friday, November 02, 2007 ]


Off topic, but interesting: You may know that the CEO of Merrill Lynch got the boot for ML's poor performance in the subprime mortgage market meltdown (of course, ML did very well with Mr. O'Neal's risky strategy while the subprime market was going great guns). Now, it's been disclosed that during August and September, while the subprime crisis was blooming, Mr. O'Neal was playing golf. A lot of golf. Up to 4 rounds in a single day. How do we know? The internet and the USGA. Avid golfers have to maintain their handicap, and doing so means they have to turn in their scores every time they play. It used to be that you did so at your country club, but now you can do so over the internet. Of course, if it's out there online, anyone else can look it up. And if you're a big shot, people will.

Jeff [10:55 AM]

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