[ Tuesday, September 18, 2007 ]


Go. Click. Watch. John Payne used to be my across-the-street neighbor. The first time I met him, I noticed that he sort of swung his arm at me to shake my hand, and his grip was pretty weak. I found out shortly thereafter that we was selling his house: even though the house had an elevator in it, it was too small for a wheelchair, which he would need shortly. Because he has amyotrophic lateral schlerosis, ALS, Lou Gherig's Disease.

John Ondrasik is the singer, songwriter, and piano player for the band Five for Fighting. He's a great songwriter, and he produced a video for his song "100 Years" that you can see here. Watch it a couple of times. For each viewing, Glenn Tullman/Allscripts and Bert and Cyndie Silva are each donating $1 to ALS research.

So take a look. Take several looks.

While you're at it, there are lots of interesting videos there. Here's on on autism (another personal issue for my family). There are many more, on a lot of different topics, here.

Jeff [10:41 AM]

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